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A device that looks like a wheelchair and has a host of sensots and an interactive display

Accessible Mobility for All


Our Business

Blueberry Technology Inc. is a San Jose-based startup that specializes in customer-centric solutions for autonomous personal mobility.

We design, manufacture, and provide autonomous personal mobility vehicles to address last-mile transportation issues and improve customer satisfaction. Our first product is a fleet-ready fully-autonomous vehicle designed for airport use to enable all users of the airport the freedom to navigate and explore the airport.  

Vehicle Features

Designed from the ground up for an airport use case, our first product, BBGo, is designed to address the needs of all the stakeholders in an airport: the airline, the service provider, the airport, and above all, the passenger.

Icon showing a wheelchair moving itself

AI-Guided Autonomous movement

Autonomous movement algorithms are at the core of the product, enabling passengers to navigate even the most complex environments

An icon showing a wheelchair being pushed by a person

Push capable

Still like to be pushed like a conventional wheelchair? We can seamlessly switch in and out of Push mode

An icon showing a person seated

Ergonomically Designed

The vehicle and seat have been ergomoically deisgned with the ability to ingress the vehicle from the side

An icon showing a host of sensors connected to a central hub, each shown as a circle

Always-on collision avoidance

A suite of carefully placed sensors enables the vehicle to be situationally aware at all times, avoiding collisions

WiFi Icon

Fleet ready

A connected vehicle allows us to remotely monitor the fleet's health and also serve as a remote command and control center, dispatching vehicles remotely

Icon showing a piece of luggage

Room for Luggage

Room for luggage in the rear and under the seat make for a comfortable ride

A Joystick icon

Joystick Control

Should someone want to drive themselves around, they are more than welcome to take charge and still avoid collisions

An icon with a screw driver and a wrench

Designed for Service

A modular design allows for a quick repair of the vehicle at a manageable cost

An icon for a computer display

Interactive Display

A large 8" multi-lingual interactive display enables a seamless experience for the passengers

An icon showing a display showing advertisements

Context Sensitive Advertising

Branding and advertising opportunities for airports, airlines and retailer 

Meet the Team

Rajeev Ramanath

Rajeev Ramanath

Founder, CEO

Seasoned leader of innovative cross-functional teams developing novel products. 20 years of experience with 27 issued patents, 22 journal publications, 20+ high-volume products

Julio Castañeda

Julio Castañeda

Mechanical Architect

Product development and manufacturing executive and subject matter expert with 25+ years of experience with 55 issued patents, 50+ high-volume products

Jack Acton

Jack Acton

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Senior full-stack engineer and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience specializing in cloud technology

Driving Innovation: Honoring Women of Excellence

Step into a world of inspiration as we pay homage to the pioneering female scientists and engineers who shattered glass ceilings and revolutionized their fields. Join us in acknowledging these remarkable women who blazed trails, overcame barriers, and left an indelible mark on society. Our vehicles proudly carry their names, a tribute to their extraordinary achievements and an embodiment of the innovation they stand for. Take a moment to reflect on their legacy as you explore the elegance and excellence of our vehicle lineup.

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2033 Gateway Place, Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95110

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